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Letting Jesus Take the Wheel

I was recently inspired to write in a new light; more personal, more story-sharing, & more intimate.  I’m not talking “tell you in depth about the kind of birth control I use or what toothpaste I like,” but more about the peculiar, special way that my story has become my story.  I’ve been probed by YOU, my close friends, and coworkers to go into DE-TAIL. So, here I go. I’ve never been one to get super spiritual, not because ...
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Top 5 Necessities of Starting a Business

Hello, hello! It’s been a minute since I did a post on building a business, and hey, that’s what I came here to do… so I’d better get cracking! Recently I’ve had a few women approach me (whether it be an old friend, an Instagram follower, or a client), and just want to sit down and ask questions. Where did you start? How do you brand yourself? How do I scale? What is the next step? These are just a few questions that these wonderful women ...
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Staycation Downtown at the Porter Hotel

“Chelsea, you’ve got to be kidding me. You’re going 5 blocks for 1 night… you look like you’ve packed for a week.” WHOOPS. Let’s just say if I’m offered an adventure, I TAKE IT. AND, I go all out. I’m a 110% or nothing kind of girl. So, when I finally got the chance to work with this DREAM hotel, I jumped on it. I want to tell you about my experience, honestly & genuinely. *I’m not being paid to rave!* First things first, let me tell you ...
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The Game Changing Mile Mentality

When someone gives you an inch, take a mile, and then give a mile back. Even though I’m a closet procrastinator, I take great pride in delivering my best work.  My goal is to provide valuable content; work that is inventive & distinctive, delivering a service that has the recipient saying “Wow, I’m glad I chose YOU.”  There are a lot of fishes in the sea, so I want to be prepared, reliable, and efficient.  So, let’s turn ...
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How to Reuse Old Outfits for the Holidays

Okay, I’m not one to do much posting on fashion—mainly because I want to provide value to young entrepreneurs and bloggers, and they usually have their own style to abide by! However, this Holiday season I want to do several posts that will help women in their 20’s-30’s to make this season the VERY BEST.  I’ll be focusing on everything from décor to traditions, from locations for parties to what to wear to them.  I’ll get into a ...
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How to Create a Strategic Future

Can you imagine running a successful play in Football without planning it out?  Singing a solo without rehearsing? Getting paid, but not knowing how much? Waking up and going about your day—not knowing the date, time, or season? For us to really walk with purpose in our lives…it’s important to be present, productive, and intentional with our time, resources, relationships, and pay check. I live by this motto: Make Utilitarian Life ...
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How to Take and Post a Good Instagram Photo

 This is going to be a fun, short, simple one that EVERYONE can benefit from. Some of these tips have just stemmed from pet peeves of mine, but others are really just good practices! POSING + PUT THAT ARM DOWN + Remember the days where we would all put our arm on our hip? Those days are over.  Jury is out! It actually makes your arm look bigger.  Putting your arm down by your side can take off like 20 lbs by making your middle ...
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The Big Question: Would You Follow Yourself?

Time is precious.  The shorter our attention spans get, the more refined our desires and choices of what does and can entertain us.  And it’s not just the millennial generation, it’s all of us.  We can’t escape from the fast-paced world with the constant techni-clutter and neon distractions.  I’m sure even my Grandpa couldn’t stand a slow paced old English novel nowadays.  If we are going to consume, we want it to be ...
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The Most Important Quality to Have in Business

Where to start? How about… these nails make it super hard to type and so you should know that (I think) what I have to say is “extra” important because I’m willing to bear the extremely obnoxious pain of thumping on the keys like a first grader with wet finger nails for THIS and for YOU.  Just excuse me already for having spelling errors or poor grammar because (quite frankly) it’s not worth the inconvenience of correcting with these ...


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